Refugees – Fears, Understanding, Empathy

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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International Conference

“Refugees – Fears, Understanding, Empathy”

The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce its forthcoming international conference on „Refugees – fears, understanding, empathy“.

We invite scholars, university lecturers and specialists from various disciplines of social sciences and humanities to present the results of their work related to the current presence of refugees (foreigners, seeking and receiving international protection) in host countries, addressing their adaptation and integration, legislative initiatives, integration programs, public reactions and attitudes, stereotypes and perceptions of refugees, volunteering and, in general, the various interactions between newcomers and host societies. The aim of the scientific forum is to initiate an interdisciplinary discussion that outlines various dimensions of the existing problems, processes and trends related to the reception and integration of refugees in local, regional, national and international contexts.

We also welcome the participation of experts from governmental and non-governmental organizations related to the issues raised.

The conference will take place within the project ‘Refugees in the Representations of Bulgarians: Fears, Understanding, and Empathy’ (2017-2021), funded by National Science Fund – Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (DN 15/3 of 11.12.2017).

Working languages: English and Bulgarian.

The conference proceedings will be published in a peer-reviewed collection. Deadline for manuscript submission is until March 30th,  2021.

There is no registration fee for participation in the Conference. Travel and accommodation costs are not covered.

The Organizing Committee carefully follows the local and international restrictions on travel, public gatherings, and present anti-epidemiological measures. The conference is planned to be held as a hybrid event (on spot and online). Participants will be notified about any changes in order to minimise the risks around the COVID–19 pandemic.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals!

Organising Committee:

Prof. DSc. Tanya Nedelcheva

Assoc. Prof. Albena Nakova, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Mila Maeva, PhD

Assist. Prof. Yelis Erolova, PhD

Assist. Prof. Mina Hristova, PhD

Kremena Hristova

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